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SCN5 orientation

Postby Greg23 » Thu 19. Jun 2014, 17:08

Can SCN5 actuators be used in a horizontal position or must they be mounted vertically?

I haven't seen my motion sim design before. I don't have good drawings but it will be a zero C of G design. I wanted to get away from the 'nested boxes' - like the SC120. To visualize my idea think of a skate/snow board half pipe. The skateboard wheels would be roller blade wheels and I would only use the ends of the halfpipe. The skateboard platform would be the sim platform for the x axis (left turn/right turn motion.) Obviously the half pipe would be much smaller and the platform much larger than in the skateboard visualization. The radius of the half pipe sections would be designed to match the zero C of G calculations. e.g. If the calculated (or tested) C of G is 20" above the halfpipe I would use a 20" radius for the half pipe which would give about 6.5" - 6.75" of movement in each direction to produce a 20 degree rotational angle in each direction.

I would do the same for the Y (acceleration / braking) platform, and nest it, within limitations, in the X axis platform. This would provide a more open, much lighter motion sim than the 'box in a box' design of the sc120. As with a race car, low profile means finding new ways to mount the dampers/actuators. A horizontal mount would be much more compact, hence the opening question.

If I'm missing something in the overall design of the motion sim, please let me know as the theory seems good to me.


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