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  •  X-Sim Software Installer

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    This is a stable freeware version of X-Sim 3.
    It has the following functions:
    - Heuristic game wizard and configurator
    - online cloud feature
    - online profile database
    - new community integration
    - ODB II interface for diagnostic software and android or iPhone dashboard programs

    The software can be expanded with a key.
    For more information read the mainpage "Terms of usage" where the details are written down.
    The comercial menu "Terms of usage" will carry the details for commercial usage.

    For help with malfunction you can contact us in the forum or within the bug tracker on this page and help to get the software better.

    If you want to read more about the activation key and the different X-Sim versions go to the software homepage and read the menu "Terms of usage" on the left side. There are informations for private use in the menu "Software" and commerial use in the menu "Partners".

    Uploaded on: Sat 2. Nov 2013, 21:24
    Last changed on : Sat 2. Nov 2013, 21:24
    54.17 MB

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  •  X-Sim Update for login problems
    This is a patch for X-Sim if you have big problems with login in the freeware edition.
    On the other side you can also remove the windows 10 flash player update KB3087040 that comes with Microsoft automatic update.

    Install: extract all files, then copy the files to your x-sim installation directory and overwrite the old ones.

    Uploaded on: Sun 11. Oct 2015, 20:45
    Last changed on : Sun 11. Oct 2015, 20:45
    2.58 MB

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